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Lai ann Cheang, Program Director of Golden Sources Enterprise

From a very early age, Lai Ann has had determination to achieve something great. This, alongside a passion and commitment to help those around her, has given Lai Ann the resources to grow from being a quiet, shy and low self-esteem girl to become an aspiring speaker. Lai Ann began by climbing the corporate ladder in the world’s #1 oil & gas services company after graduating from University Tenaga Nasional. 

After 6 years of steep learning curve in the male-dominated arena, she realized traditional life model of uni-job-mortgage-children-hopefully retirement will not let her live to her full potential. She knew that there must be another way. After years of traveling, learning and soul-searching, it provided the impetus to step out of her comfort zone and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Lai Ann’s mission in life is to enlighten countless crowds, aiding people in adding value to their lives by living live they truly want and desire. 

Today, Lai Ann is the key driver in establishing Golden Sources as the go-to platform for the best content on personal growth and transformation of all ages, by building products that will revolutionize how humankind learns.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right! ”

Henry Ford